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5 Reasons for Air Duct Cleaning

4/12/2018 | Posted by  | 0 comments
By removing contaminants from a home’s air duct system, the effects of dust and mold are greatly reduced. Clean, healthy, circulating air is a must for those sensitive to indoor air contaminants, especially with allergies being at an all-time high in America. It is not unusual for a person to ...

How To Get The Worst Stains Out

4/12/2018 | Posted by  | 0 comments
Ketchup on your brand new white blouse? Remnants of the chocolate bar you just ate on your jeans? Grease on your button down from changing a car tire? We’ve all been there. Stains are an inevitable part of life that tend to occur at the worst moments. Luckily, there are tricks that can ease your ...

How To Clean an Ice Maker On a Refrigerator

4/12/2018 | Posted by  | 0 comments
When you buy your first home or move into your first apartment, someone should hand you a huge book of every little thing you should maintain and clean on a regular basis. I don’t know why it never occurred to me, but for some odd reason I never realized that you should clean an ice maker. Like ...

Hard Water Is Harder on Your Appliances Than You Think

4/12/2018 | Posted by  | 0 comments
Hard Water is Harder on Your Appliances Than You Think Chances are you’ve come in contact with hard water; that white-encrusted faucet, dull hair, or spotted dishes and glasses. Hard water isn’t hard to find. But what is it exactly? Soft water is free of minerals. For example, rain is soft ...

Small Appliance Maintenance and Optimization

4/12/2018 | Posted by  | 0 comments
Initially, you buy small countertop appliances to make life easier. And they do the job admirably. Then, just when you feel you have mastered this kitchen game, these appliances turn on you like little out-of-control robots and begin to create more work for you. One reason is because owners, thinking ...

Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Necessary?

4/12/2018 | Posted by  | 0 comments
Dryer vent fires can be defined as the number one reason behind the cause of fires in United States. Unfortunately, many people ignore dryer vent cleaning since it is out of their sight. However, it is one of the most important aspects of fire hazard prevention at home. Keep on reading ...
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