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Washer Repair Service

Washer  Repair Service

We Fix Any Washer Repair Problem

Are you looking for a washer repair service? World Appliance Repair is a dependable, quality and washer repair company dedicated to offering our Miami and Broward neighbors the best service at affordable prices. Our team of technicians is committed to delivering top notch results promptly. Whether you need replacement parts or general maintenance you can count on us.

Most households had experienced the inconvenience of having a washer machine breaking unexpectedly. Having piles of dirty clothes and a washer machine waiting to be fixed is no joke. Please, as soon as you notice any problems with your washing machine, you need to schedule a maintenance or repairs right ASAP! World Appliance Repair can provide emergency repairs or regular repairs to address any issues in the future. We strive to prevent potential problems from developing through careful maintenance.

Common Washer Repair service Issues
The sooner you identify and call us to resolve the issue, the less likely further damages will occur.

If your washing machine is dead and won't turn on, this could be caused by a tripped off-balance switch. Otherwise, the problem may be with the timer circuitry or your outlet. Also, if your washing machine is not spinning at all and the clothes are soaked at the end of a wash cycle, a defective lid switch or lid plunger, has burned out, or you have damaged wires, broken or worn out drive belt.

Other problems include a lack of agitation from a worn drive belt. It may also be an internal timer contact that doesn't work anymore, a bad lid switch, or a malfunction in the pressure switch.

Are you experiencing excessive vibration? Don't worry we can fix it and leveled it correctly. Also is you are experiencing washing machine leaks, we can perform a drain of the pipes that are clogged and fix any other similar damage.

World Appliance Repair Washer Repair Service
As you can see appliances can have many problems is not serviced regularly. We guarantee that our superb services will save you money on not having to buy a new unit. Rest assure we will diagnose the problem accurately and promptly.

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